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Complimentary "Grand Thanksgiving 5-Wine Tasting"


Thanksgiving is a meal that often starts early and ends late so you want to make sure your wines are energetic and capable of priming your guest's palate for seconds and beyond. With that in mind we have put together a 5-wine tasting lineup that will definitely step up to the occassion...and then some!

We'll start with a "Canella Bellini" Cocktail, a delicious blend of sparkling Italian white wine and peaches that's just perfect to get your party started. We'll also open bottles of a "Santa Monica" Spanish Cava (dry bubbly), another great option to set the tone for a festive celebration. To enjoy the bird and the myriad random dishes guests usually bring, we have selected a "Primosic" Pinot Griggio from  Northern Italy, a "Pacific Rim" Gewürztraminer - a fruitier option from Washington State- and an awesome "Roco" Pinot Noir from Oregon's famous Willamette Valley.  All these wines have been carefully chosen to complement every dish on your thanksgiving table and youvare invited to enjoy them all!!!

We look forward to seeing you on Friday!