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Complimentary "Winter Friendly" wines tasting - you are invited!


We might not be able to send you to Florida but we can certainly keep you warm with our selection of "winter friendly" wines for this Friday's complimentary tasting.

We'll start with a "Paul Mas Estates" Malbec, a full bodied, rich, ruby red wine with notes of berries, vanilla and toasted bread. This wine pairs perfectly with beef and robust dishes and is known for its ability to "enhance" any conversation.
Next, we'll pour a medium/full red blend from the famed Penedes wine region, northwest of Barcelona, Spain: "Bluegray". This wine - with plums, red fruit and dark chocolate flavors - is a  prime example of the awesome product coming out of this famed region.
Then we'll take you to the Rias Baxas region of Spain to taste a "Licia" albariño, a full-bodied, balanced white with apple, peach and lemon aromas. This delicious white pairs well with fish, grilled chicken and Asian food.
We'll finish the tasting sequence with a "Conte de Brandolini" Pinot Grigio, a crisp, full bodied white with with scents of apples and acacia flowers. This elegant wine is the newest addition to our inventory - highly recommended!

We look forward to seeing you on Friday!