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"Toast and Taste", Lakeview's Favorite Complimentary Wine Tasting!

This is a very special tasting, one of those "not to be missed" events! This Friday we welcome Serena Isabelli, a gifted vocalist and acoustic guitar player who will be performing, as we taste four outstanding wines - including a new one that will surprise you! 

If Malbecs are your favorite reds wait until you try our "Zolo", a red made with Bordana, Argentina's second-most planted varietal and a fun grape to discover. Relatively unknown in the US, Bordana wines are juicy, robust and vibrant. This wine is perfect for any occasion calling for a big, deep red - you'll love it!  Our second red for the evening is another full-bodied favorite from South Africa: DMZ Syrah. Velvety with ripe fruit aromas and smoky flavor, this red showcases the outstanding wines from the country's iconic Stellenbosch region and is perfect with spicy food, burgers and hard cheeses.

Next, sample the "G-Spot" one of California's most innovative white blends and a debutant at Stellar. With aromas of orange blossom, pear, lime and a juicy, clean finish, the G-Spot is a winner! Viognier is the predominant varietal in this wine. Our fourth wine for the evening is a ”Las Mulas” Sauvignon Blanc from Miguel Torres, one of the most celebrated producers in Chile. This classic wine is made with organically grown grapes and pairs well with fish, seafood, chicken, Asian food and salads.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!!