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At Stellar Easter Sunday Starts on Friday and You Are Invited!

For this Easter tasting have put together a wine lineup that rolls better than eggs on the White House lawn!

We'll start the evening with a unique new addition to our inventory: a Yalumba Sangiovese rose from South Australia. This refreshing wine has aromas of strawberry and cream and flavors of grapefruit and pomegranate and is perfect to welcome the warmer months. Our second wine is a "La Marchesa" Gavi, a crisp, dry white from Italy's iconic Piedmont region that's great with seafood, fish, light pasta and salads, or just for sipping with family and friends. If you like Pinot Grigio you'll love this Gavi!  

Our first red, a Pinot Noir, comes from the Buena Vista Vinicultural Society, Sonoma winemakers since 1863.  This is a great Pinot Noir "for all occasions" - fruity, smooth and yet firm, it pairs beautifully with salmon and other fatty fishes, roasted chicken and pasta. South Africa certainly has a place in the world of Shiraz and judging by our Graham Beck's "The Game Reserve", it's a very good place. Rich, full-bodied and full of fruit, this wine is great with BBQ, steaks, mediterranean fare and hard cheeses - delicious!

We are certain that after tasting these wines, you'll know that you have four winners to choose from for your Easter celebrations.