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Toast and Taste: Lakeview's Favorite Complimentary Wine Tasting

Join us this Friday and we roll out the red carpet to taste four great wines from top european and american winemakers. Our lineup includes a sparkling, a white and two reds, all specially selected to give you an opportunity to sample wines from different regions and enjoy the live music from Van Isaacson and Tim Gordon.

I'll start the lineup pouring my favorite Cava: "Florinda". This elegant Spanish sparkling has flavors of lime, nectarine and green apple and just the right density.  The Florinda is perfect not only to celebrate but also as a dinner party starter, paired with fish, seafood or desserts.

Second in the lineup is an "Arrumaco" Verdejo, a fruity yet dry Spanish white that's similar in characteristics and style to Pinot Grigio. Verdejo is Spain's signature white grape and it showcases notes of lemon and citrus, ample minerality and a sharp, pleasant acidity. The Arrumaco is very budget and food friendly, and pairs beautifully with tapas, salads, fish and a wide range of "small- plate" cuisines. 

Next I'll take you to the Burgenland region of Austria to taste a red that embodies the unique style Austrian wines are known for. Made with Blaufrankisch, one of the most widely planted grapes in the country, the "Beck" is a dry, light and velvety wine with medium acidity, big tannins and a spicy, fruity finish. This is an easy drinking, "share and chat"  kind of wine - pairs with breaded pork and veal cutlets, grilled salmon, chicken, vegetable casseroles and more.

Our fourth wine is a "Boomtown" Washington State Cab I just added to our inventory of reds. Refined but yet rugged, this all-american Cabernet Sauvignon offers wonderful cherry fruit, balanced acidity and a rustic style. I am sure that once you taste the Boomtown, it'll become a faithful and reliable companion as we head into the colder months of the year.