Private Tastings


Our private tastings are a fun, unique way to celebrate any occasion and offer a great alternative to those looking to do something different for their next party. Here is how it works:

  • There is no charge for using the space
  • Minimum consumption is 9 bottles of your choice (we will be glad to make recommendations). We suggest using $ 18 per bottle as an average price to calculate your base cost. For example, if you select 9 bottles at $ 18 each, your wine total would be $ 162, plus tax. If more wine is needed you or your guests can purchase additional bottles, which we'll be glad to open and serve for you!
  • There is a service charge of $ 20 per hour for the wine specialist to set up the station, pour the wine, conduct the tasting and pick up once the event ends. 
  • Private tastings usually run for two or three hours and can be booked any day of the week except Fridays. 
  • We provide glassware, music (we can use your Spotify playlist if you wish) and additional tables for food if you are bringing appetizers, cheese, crackers or a cake.
  • We can comfortable accommodate up to 30 guests in our space
  • Just ask us if you need a recommendation for catering, a musician to come in and or anything else to make your party memorable. We are pretty resourceful, so the sky is the limit!!!
  • This is our recommended format but if you have something different in mind please let us know and we'll work with you to make it happen.
  • You can view photographs of our space in the "picture gallery" section of this website
  • You and your guests must be over 21

For additional information or to reserve a date for your private tasting please email us at or call  773-394-4516.